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Human Rights Law - Our Principles

   1. Zero tolerance for child labor


ROMAGA-SAIKAI has zero tolerance for child labor and as such requires its suppliers to comply with local laws, regulations and standards regarding the minimum age for employment. Along these lines, we accept the hiring of young people when permitted by local law, ensuring compliance with applicable legislation and always aiming at their development as individuals and citizens. On the other hand, we respect the uses and customs of traditional communities, in which it is common for children to be involved in work activities, provided that the best interests of these children are prioritized and preserved and that they are allowed to attend and remain in quality education until that are no longer qualified as “children”.


   2. Zero tolerance for forced, slave or compulsory labor


ROMAGA-SAIKAI repudiates the use of forced, slave or compulsory labor in all its forms. All the individual's remuneration conditions must be agreed and clarified before the start of work and, any overtime, must be agreed, remunerated and/or compensated in a responsible manner, in compliance with the applicable legislation. Every worker must receive remuneration that meets, at least, the applicable legal standards, following the formalization required in each location. The worker's personal documents will not be withheld under any circumstances, nor will any type of monetary "deposit" be required as a form of guarantee of work.


   3. Provide conditions for a work environment free from harassment and abuse


Workers must be treated with dignity, equality and respect at all times. We do not tolerate abusive, inappropriate or offensive conduct in work dynamics. Workers must not be subjected to or threatened by any form of abuse or physical discipline, any form of bullying or harassment, including, but not limited to, sexual, physical and verbal harassment or any other form of intimidation.


   4. Valuing diversity and inclusion


We value diversity and repudiate any and all forms of prejudice and discrimination in hiring, compensation, training, promotion or termination. We are committed to investigating and fighting any situations of humiliation, intimidation, exposure to ridicule, hostility and embarrassment in our work environment, whether related to color, race, sex, marital status, language, religion, physical, gender, sexual orientation , health condition, pregnancy, age, political opinion, political affiliation, association or union, nationality, social origin, retirement, disability or any other reason.


   5. Respect our employees' freedom of association


We respect the principle of freedom of association for our employees and guarantee that they do not suffer discrimination, harassment, intimidation or retaliation for being members of any union or organization, always in compliance with the conditions established in the applicable legislation.


   6. Occupational Health and Safety


We value a safe and healthy workspace, respecting the Health, Safety and Environment policies and standards directed to each area and activities. We take proactive measures to ensure such conditions and prevent accidents and injuries that may occur in the course of work. Such measures include, but are not limited to, regular and recorded training in health, fire and safety, waste and chemical management, adequate personal protective equipment, regular inspection of facilities to ensure they are structurally sound and do not pose fire or other safety hazards. and access to clean toilets, clean water and medical facilities.

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