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ROMAGA Manutenção e Reparos de Motores Diesel Ltda, like SAIKAI, works with marine and stationary diesel engines (low and medium speeds, 4 and 2 stroke), among which can be mentioned Yanmar, MaK, Villares B&W, Wärtsilä, Sulzer, Rolls-Royce Marine-Ulstein Bergen, Daihatsu, SEMT Pielstick, Stork Werkspoor, Paxman, Ruston, Mirrleess Blackstone, Nohab, Wichmann, Alco, EMD and MTU. It also reviews turbochargers, mainly from ABB, MAN, KBB, Napier, IHI and Mitsubishi brands.

It has a specialized technical team and its own equipped workshop to fully attend to its activities.

The commercial combination between ROMAGA and SAIKAI, resulting from complementary synergy, became the ROMAGA-SAIKAI Group and has been operating in the maritime navigation, offshore support, oil & gas prospecting (rigs) and energy generation (thermoelectric plants) markets.

The group thus constituted commercially, also gathers the capacity, through its European and Asian representatives, to manage the supply of original spare parts for several diesel engines and has been standing out in the market, recognized by the experience of years in the activity and quality of its services.

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